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Codemasters axes 90 jobs

Another poor performer suffers the consequences

Codemasters are a popular company. Their last few games, with the possible exception of "Insane" have all been top performers for their respective genres. And yet, as with so many tech companies, this last financial year has been a troubling one. Many blame the state of the market at the moment. As such, the company has announced to its staff that as many as 90 employees will be liberated from their positions within Codemasters, including the entire London development studio staff, who have been asked either to moves to the Midlands or face redundancy. The survival of the game they were working on, believed to be a next-generation Cannon Fodder title, has been secured. Indeed, no projects ongoing within the company should be terminated, but the redundancies may lead to delays. The official press release can be read here. Codemasters Chairman Jim Darling commented that it was "distressing to lose such talented and loyal personnel," but that "By doing this now we ensure that Codemasters is well positioned to continue its proud tradition of creating and publishing some of the best games in the world thus giving the company an enormous opportunity as the market moves into its expansion phase." Related Feature - Insane Review