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Hercules and Thrustmaster Enjoy Results

It's nice to see someone's actually making some money in this industry

After a week of unpleasant announcements regarding various tech-stock companies and the liquidation of BarrysWorld, it's nice to see that someone in the industry is actually making some money. Guillemot's Thrustmaster steering wheel brand, which took advantage of a Ferrari license now controls 43.4% of the market in units for the Dreamcast, and 21.5% of the steering wheels market full stop. Another of Guillemot's brands, Hercules, also enjoyed success, with its "3D Prophet II MX" budget graphics card the highest performer. The newer dual display version is also enjoying strong sales. The company's other retail cards have sold well and helped to reaffirm its position in the retail sector. Guillemot has also decided to use the Hercules brand for its new sound card range, including the "Maxi Sound Muse," an entry level PCI sound card priced at £24.99, and its enthusiasts' options, the "Game Theatre XP," similar to Creative's "Soundblaster Platinum," it includes a highly powerful PCI sound card and an external setup of some sort. The company also plans to release "CUBE" branded portable MP3 players starting in February. Related Feature - Hercules 3D Prophet II MX Review