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PS2 Auctions Go Awry

Crafty scoundrels exits left, with $425 in tow

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Part of the problem with auction sites is that they do tend to attract overzealous bidders to the table. For example, this auction on eBay reached $425 with 39 bids starting at $9.99 and spiralling upwards. The bid was for "the playstation 2 original box and receipt," with a genuine, boxed PS2 shown in the accompanying picture. As those of you with a bit of bonce will quickly have ascertained, the cunning auctioneer has been deliberately vague in an attempt to get people to bid on what is actually a cardboard box and a bit of paper. Even more alarming is that the woman who won the auction is now claiming that she feels cheated out of her $425, and can do very little about it. You see, the terms and conditions of eBay's auctions mean that once money has changed hands, the person running the auction is under no obligation to refund the buyer unless the goods do not agree with the description, and in this case they do, just about. eBay would not comment on the details of this auction's outcome, despite us phoning them on two separate occasions.

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