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Fancy a 1.2GHz Athlon?

Might as well wait, according to leading mail order hardware vendor

This eagle-eyed writer was busy wittering away the early hours of the morning by taking stock of the local net-based hardware vendors in the area, when in a drunken haze his eyes stumbled upon the Scan Processors Page, and a 1.2GHz Athlon, which had finally been priced by the Bolton firm. Now, in normal circumstances, when Scan opt to put a price up, it means they have stock. If this were the case here, they would be the only place in the UK to have one, full stop. After listening to some rather horrifying pop music while in the queue this morning, I finally addressed a sales rep, who claimed that the retailer had "about five in stock". He was quite cagey about it, saying that in about two weeks time they expect to have a fairly decent amount, but "by then the 1.3 will be out," meaning of course that AMD intend to launch the 1.3GHz Athlon within the next couple of weeks. Perhaps this coming Monday. I expressed surprise at this and muttered something about waiting for that, and the chap on the other end of the line jokily pointed out that "of course, by the time we have the 1.3 in stock, the 1.4 will be 'out'." Make of that what you will. Related Feature - KT133A: Performance for Less