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The Learning Game

A new name for the company formerly known as Red Orb, SSI, Mindscape, Mattel Interactive, The Learning Company, Broderbund...

Dealing with The Learning Company has always been a confusing affair, as their games have come out under a whole host of different labels including Red Orb, SSI, Mindscape and Mattel Interactive, mostly thanks to a string of mergers and take-overs during the 1990s that left toy manufacturer Mattel owning the remains of several publishers of computer games and edutainment titles. But following the recent sale of The Learning Company to Gores Technology Group a change of name has been on the cards. And now we know that their new name is - drum roll please - GAME Studios. Hardly awe inspiringly imaginative, but at least now we won't have to carry a piece of paper around with us every time we talk to the company to remind us which labels they release games under...

Although they have been best known for their PC games in the past, the new look GAME Studios will be supporting next generation consoles such as the Xbox and PlayStation 2 as well as the traditional beige boxes. The company has also confirmed its line-up for this year, which includes real-time strategy game "The Moon Project" (a semi-sequel to "Earth 2150"), graphic adventure "Myst III : Exile", role-playing game "Pool Of Radiance : Ruins of Myth Drannor", and sims "Silent Hunter II" and "Flanker Attack".

Just to confuse us though, some of these games will continue to be released under the old SSI brand. "As a result of the sale and corporate restructuring, both industry media and gamers were under the impression that SSI was going away", according to Bret Berry, Vice President of Product Development. "That definitely isn't true. Since it was sold to Mindscape, Inc. in 1994, SSI has always existed as a brand within a greater divisional structure, whether it was part of Mindscape, The Learning Company or Mattel, and it will continue to do so."

Which is nice.

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