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Grandia II comes to PC

The Dreamcast smash hit set to make waves on the PC platform

According to sources close to ST Media in Korea/Japan, the company has almost finished a PC port of its incredible RPG title Grandia II, which has been doing monster sales in both the US and Japan. The port is apparently 80% complete, and should go into Beta in Korean and Japanese languages sometime this month. The company is talking to GameArts and UbiSoft about a possible worldwide distribution deal. Grandia II, in case you weren't aware, is a traditional RPG, centring around the plight of bouty hunter Ryudo, and his eagle sidekick Skye. Eons ago the world was terrorized by the war of the Gods, when Granas gave the world holy Light, and his enemy Valmer attempted to destroy it and plunge the world into darkness. The war was eventually won by the Sword of Granas, which shattered Valmer and created a chasm on the planet's surface that came to be known as Granacliff. Soon enough history eroded this into mystical belief and religion. As usual, something starts to happen, and our hero is unwittingly turned into the planet's saviour. Grandia II on the Dreamcast isn't quite out over here yet, but we are told its close. An UbiSoft representative that we spoke to yesterday said the game should be with the press in about two weeks, and available all over Europe shortly afterward.

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