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Online budget developer Crystal Interactive launches new website

Crystal Interactive, a publisher of budget and commercial PC games, has launched its new website, Crystal-Interactive.com, which highlights the release of its new freeware Asteroids-style title, "Galaxy Blasters!" (shown left). The move also helps to emphasize the recent release of its graphically-intensive strategy title, State of War. At the present time there are three freeware titles available; "Galaxy Blasters!", "Santa in Trouble" and "Christmas Games." The former is by far the most entertaining, featuring decent graphics and repetitive though addictive Asteroids-style gameplay. Also included on the new website is lots of information on the company's flagship game, State of War. Plenty of other games are available for as little as $9.95, some $19.95. They are even developing a couple of new titles for the Amiga. The site also features a fair amount of indie developer games and tools for sale. Check it out at http://www.crystal-interactive.com.

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