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Land Warrior Due Out Next Month

They took their time, but the next title in the Delta Force series is finally here

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Fans of the seminal Delta Force series of games in this country were in jubilant mood today at the announcement of the game's release on February 2nd, a month from now. The game no longer relies fully on the power-hungry voxel engine and shifts some of the burden over to the user's graphics card, the main side effect of which is that it looks prettier than previous incarnations whilst retaining the long draw distances. The single player campaign will purvey the startling difficulty of war when the weapons really do kill with one shot. If you like a challenge and weren't all that perplexed by the impressive Project IGI, then this could be the ticket. Furthermore, the developers managed to include proper multiplay this time, via NovaWorld 2. Several multiplayer game-types will be backed up by the now popular world ranking system (similar to, say, ngWorldStats that featured with Unreal Tournament). Built-in voice communication is also a first, according to the press release. Look for a review on these pages closer to the game's release.

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