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Massively Massive Multiplayer

New Year's Day EverQuest's most successful ever

While the rest of us were nursing hangovers the size of many small Eastern European countries, Massively Multiplayer Online RPG creators Verant and owners Sony were raising their glasses for the second day running to their most successful day of EverQust play ever. Before New Year's, Sony estimate that its 38 San Diego-based servers were playing host to some 60,000 to 70,000 players simultaneously at peak hours, but on January 1st, it is said that the peak total for the most players logged on simultaneously rose to an astronomical 81,858, approximately a quarter of the 330,000 subscribed EverQuest players in the world. The total is said to have steadily increased since the release last month in the States of mission pack The Scars of Velious. The mission pack is due out over here sometime this quarter.