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Vooodoo 4 .. and 5?

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Image credit: Eurogamer

3dfx Europe accidentally posted the press release announcing the Voodoo 4 (and Voodoo 5) early, and Voodoo Extreme copied all the juicy bits before they could pull it. Check the full story here.

The important bits are that the new 3dfx graphics cards will start appearing in March 2000, and that even the "low-end" Voodoo4 4500 (with a fill rate much the same as the Voodoo 3 3500) will cost $180.

The top of the range Voodoo5 6000 AGP (with a fillrate of at least 1.33GigaPixels a second!) will set you back .. $600. Ouch.

The official announcement is in just a few hours, and we should be listening in on it via a webcast. We'll bring you the full details when they're available...

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