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Armored Core 4 next Friday

Multiplayer included.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

505 Games has announced that online multiplayer will be included when Armored Core 4 launches in Europe next Friday.

It will let up to eight of you throw metallic punches at each other on Xbox Live or the PlayStation Network. Alternatively two of you can join up in split-screen or system link play.

This next-generation mechanoid battler will mark the first time us Euros have been able to enjoy the online aspect of the game. No longer will we force our friends to act like giant robots in the local park.

Armored Core 4 has been created by From Software for PS3 and Xbox 360. An import version earned itself a sturdy eight marks out of a possible ten from Eurogamer, and presented itself as one of the most accessible and fun titles in the series to date.

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