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April's Xbox Games With Gold include Hue, Another Sight, and MX vs ATV Alive

Plus Outpost Kaloki X.

With April inching ever closer, Microsoft has hoisted its Games With Gold sack once more, upending it to reveal a fresh selection of titles being made available as part of Xbox Live Gold (and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate) subscriptions next month, which this time look an awful lot like Hue, Another Sight, Outpost Kaloki X, and MX vs ATV Alive.

Hue, if you're unfamiliar, is puzzle adventure that sees players wandering a grey world and using their colour-based powers to push ever forward. Puzzles are largely built around the ability to change the background colour of the world, either causing previously invisible objects to be made visible or to colour-match obstacles so they disappear. Developer Fiddlesticks Games expands on that premise to deliver an experience that's as sweet as it is clever - and Xbox Live Gold subscribers can grab it as part of Games With Gold from 16th April to 15th May.

As for Another Sight, it's a "surreal fantasy adventure" with another distinctive mechanic at its core. Here, players take on the role of a partially sighted girl named Kit and her cat Hodge, flipping between the two and using their respective abilities to solve puzzles and progress - Hodge being smaller, more agile and able to view much more of the environment on-screen, and Kit being more attuned to noises around her and able to manipulate larger objects. It's available on Games With Gold from 1st-30th April.

Xbox - April 2022 Games with Gold.Watch on YouTube

Games With Gold's other two offerings for April, as is the norm for the service, are both from the Xbox 360 back catalogue. MX vs ATV Alive first released for the console back in 2011, serving up some off-road racing action, while 2004's Outpost Kaloki X is a sci-fi city-builder, putting players in charge of creating and maintaining their own fantasy space station.

MX vs ATV Alive will be available on Xbox Games With Gold from 16th-30th April, while Outpost Kaloki X can be snagged from 1st-15th April.