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Apex Legends wraps up third season with Grand Soirée Arcade event next week

Seven limited-time modes over 14 days.

Apex Legends' third season is almost at an end, and developer Respawn Entertainment is planning to see it off in style via the free-to-play battle royale game's Grand Soirée Arcade event, which starts next Tuesday, 14th January.

The bulk of the event consists of seven limited-time modes - some entirely new and others returning favourites - with a new mode being rotated into action every two days until proceedings come to a close on 28th January. Here's the full schedule:

  • 14th-15th January - Gold Rush Duos
  • 16th-17th January - Third-Person Mode
  • 18th-19th January - Armed and Dangerous: World's Edge
  • 20th-21st January - Kings Canyon After Dark
  • 22nd-23rd January - Dummies Big Day
  • 24th-25th January - Live.Die.Live
  • 26th-27th January - Always Be Closing
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Accompanying the Grand Soirée Arcade event is a new prize track, giving players the opportunity to earn rewards by completing special challenges. Each limited-time mode will feature three challenges worth a total of 1000 points, and passing certain points thresholds on the track will unlock the likes of three weapon skins and a Mirage outfit skin.

Respawn notes that players won't need to complete all challenges to max out the track, but those that choose to participate in every limited-time mode will be awarded a special badge. Additionally, anyone short of points can get an additional 500 by completing extra challenges during the Bonus Scoring Weekend on 17th-20th January.

Apex Legends' 4th season is currently scheduled to begin on 4th February, marking the first anniversary of the game's release.