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Apex Legends season five trailer teases Loba's abilities, blows up Skull Town

Marrow escape.

Having long been a favourite hot drop for Apex Legends players, it seems beloved landmark Skull Town has changed forever - as the trailer for season five shows the massive pile of bones sinking into a watery grave. Looks like I'll have to find somewhere else to die.

The latest trailer follows on from last week's Stories from the Outlands, which introduced Loba as the next legend. In search of Revenant and revenge for her father's death, Loba ventures into a hidden facility underneath Kings Canyon, where she finds rows upon rows of simulacrums (spare Revenant robot models, it would seem). Despite initiating a self-destruct sequence to blow up Revenant's head, her temper gets the better of her, and the head is whisked away to another location called Psamathe. Which is just as well for Revenant, as he was about to get lobatomised.

In her attempts to escape the collapsing lab, Loba also shows off a couple of potential abilities, which have not yet been fully detailed by Respawn. It appears she can teleport by throwing a bracelet, and also steal loot from a distance - meaning she'll probably be that one player on the squad who hoovers up all the loot. The trailer also shows off her melee skills using a staff, which some fans have speculated could be an ability, while others think it could be her heirloom item.

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As for Skull Town, the fracas in the labs was not particularly healthy for the settlement, and by the end of the trailer it can be seen sinking into the ground. Whether the entire town is gone remains a mystery, but we can certainly expect some significant changes to the area.

In any case, we won't have to wait much longer to find out what's changed, as the next season starts on 12th May.

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