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Apex Legends' original Kings Canyon map is back

But just for the weekend.

Apex Legends is getting a touch nostalgic this weekend, as the free-to-play battle royale game returns to its roots by ushering in its original Kings Canyon map.

Granted, they're not particularly long roots, given that Apex Legends is barely a year old at this point, but fans have been clamouring to return to the original, unsullied Kings Canyon since Respawn jettisoned it in favour of Season 3's World's Edge map last October.

Kings Canyon has returned to the game previously, but only in a special nighttime form, as used in Apex Legends' Grand Soiree and Fight or Fright limited-time events. From today, 21st February until Monday, 24th February, however, players will be able to traipse their way across the original, pre-season version until their nostalgia is adequately sated.

Those more modern sorts that would rather continue playing on Season 4's recently reinvigorated World's Edge map needn't despair, however; it remains available alongside Kings Canyon, the latter being accessible as part of a separate playlist.

Despite the brisk weekend return for Kings Canyon, it's not the last we'll see of the map. Respawn has already confirmed it will be the setting for the second half of Season 4's Ranked play split, which runs from Tuesday, 24th March until season's end on 5th May.