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Apex Legends developer is looking at "what it can do" about the game's "visual clarity"

"Honestly you can leave aim assist alone if we can just see what we're shooting at."

Apex Legends developer Respawn is exploring "what [it] can do" about "visual clutter" in the fan-favourite first-person shooter.

Boasting fluid gunplay and a distinctive artistic style, free-to-play battle royale Apex Legends is a fan-favourite, but some players purport that the game's HUD has become increasingly cluttered, particularly when they're under attack in-game.

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Right now, the HUD features a minimap, fireteam info, kill feed, weapon stats, and rank details, all of which take up a good chunk of your character's POV real estate. Add in damage indicators, however, and it becomes increasingly difficult for players to properly survey what's happening, let alone find their opponent to return fire.

"Thoughts on settings regarding visual clarity?" Apex Legends content creator, Albralelie, asked Respawn live balance designer, John Larson, earlier today. "Honestly you can leave aim assist alone if we can just see what we're shooting at."

Apex Legends' producer, Josh Medina, was quick to respond in the same Twitter thread.

"I bought this up to people this week to discuss in the near future what we can do using the reference shots provided [in] a thread from this week lol," Medina replied (thanks, Dexerto).

Albralelie added that "being able to turn off things like particle effects on snow/bullet impacts on walls would be a big [quality of life] change for us".

ICYMI, A Respawn has "has stuff in mind" for addressing the expanding weapon loot pool, too.

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