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Animal Crossing's infamous Bunny Day returns in New Horizons anniversary update

Egging on.

Yes, it's really been a year. Animal Crossing: New Horizons celebrates its first anniversary this week with new features, items, and the dreaded return of Bunny Day.

It's an odd milestone, but Bunny Day will be New Horizons' first repeated in-game event. It will run again from 28th March to 4th April with the original egg hunting gameplay as well as some newly-added items to collect. However, these new items will simply be purchasable from Nook's Cranny. It's safe to say Nintendo heard the feedback on that one.

This week's update arrives on Thursday, 18th March, and also includes improvements to New Horizons' custom design capabilities.

Bunny Day 2020. Simpler times.

Download the update and you'll be able to add custom designs to umbrellas, uchiwa fans, small flags and photo stands. 50 new slots for additional designs have been added to both normal and pro design modes.

You'll also be able to add the Custom Design Portal found in the Able Sisters store as an app to your in-game smartphone (though, as ever, you'll need a Nintendo Online subscription to access this feature).

Speaking of smartphones, your actual phone's Nintendo Switch Online app will begin rewarding you with Nook Points for logging into it each day. These can then be swapped for in-game items such as... a poster of Tom Nook.

Additional seasonal items will be released for April Fool's Day (whoopee cushions) and school prom (clothing and room decorations). Another Nintendo Switch Online exclusive will also be provided - an in-game Switch Lite console to place in your home.

This update also adds compatibility for the Sanrio Sweetness amiibo cards which feature designs and characters based on Hello Kitty and friends. You can get these cards in the US at Target (priced $6), and we're still waiting to hear about a UK launch.

Finally, you'll get this lovely cake in your mailbox. Enjoy!

Happy anniversary to you too.

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