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Amiga games coming to Evercade retro systems next year

Deal includes titles from multiple publishers.

Blaze Entertainment, the company behind Evercade, has signed a deal to bring Amiga games to its retro consoles starting next year.

Evercade, for those unfamiliar, exists in two versions: a home console known as the Evercade VS and the upcoming handheld Evercade EXP. Both are cartridge-based and support a library of 380 officially licensed classic titles, spanning over four decades.

At present, over 30 cartridge collections are available for Evercade, each bundling together a curated selection of retro games usually themed around a single developer - with the likes of Atari, Data East, Intellivision, The Bitmap Brothers, Gremlin, The Oliver Twins, and Interplay all currently represented through various deals.

Cover image for YouTube videoEvercade EXP - Announcement Trailer
Evercade EXP will include 18 Capcom games at launch.

Blaze Entertainment's newly announced partnership with Amiga means the company can license and publish Amiga games from multiple publishers - although no specific titles or publishers have been announced so far. These will come to Evercade systems as part of a new Home Computer Collection line, and the first fruits of the deal should begin to appear on Evercade some time next year.

If you're curious about Evercade, Digital Foundry's John Linneman took a look at Blaze's original - and now discontinued - retro handheld back in 2020, calling it "well-made and very nicely priced". The new Evercade EXP is due to launch on 24th November for £130 in the UK.