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Alone in the Dark delay a "rumour"

Atari chimes in.

Alone in the Dark has not been delayed until September, according to Atari.

A spokesperson for the publisher claimed Games for Windows magazine was spouting a rumour, so presumably everything is on track for PC and 360 versions to appear in March.

Atari recently launched the official site for the game, which has some viral marketing based around Central Park and the scary things that lurk within it.

Interestingly it appears to be based around real-life occurrences like the you-must-know-about-it insect invasion of 1888, where nine different families of spider were taken from a single tree and a meaty five pounds of caterpillars taken from another.

Less interestingly Atari added PS2 and Wii versions of its survival-horror game to its schedule last November. As with the PS3 offering, no dates have been mentioned.

Alone in the Dark remains a key project for Atari in 2008, so pop over to our gamepages (below) to see how it is shaping up.

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Alone in the Dark

Xbox 360, PS2, Nintendo Wii, PC

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