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Allods Online European release date

No it's not a supermarket.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Attractive Russian free-to-play MMO Allods Online launches across Europe on 11th May, Gala Networks has announced.

Anyone who played through beta and reached level 30 will be rewarded with "a visually stunning halo buff". Anyone who climbed to level 35 or higher will receive "an extra shoulder award". That's probably not an actual third shoulder; more likely shoulder armour.

With the official Allods Online launch arrives update Volume 4: Astral Odyssey, which hoists the game's level cap to 47 and opens two new geographical zones to nose around.

Volume 4 serves as a reminder that much has changed since Eurogamer turned up a 6/10 for Allods Online a year ago, praising the presentation but critiquing its soul.

Yet for the cost of air, it's worth a try.

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