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Alan Wake live-action prequel on Sun

Six-episode Bright Falls to debut on Live.

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Microsoft has announced that the first two episodes of a six-part live-action prequel to Alan Wake will be distributed through Xbox Live this weekend.

The "Bright Falls" short film series will debut on 25th April for Xbox Live Gold subscribers, with Silver subs able to pick it up a day later and visitors to and able to view it on 27th April.

According to Microsoft, the series introduces the spooky town of Bright Falls. "TV fans will find that the series evokes the same ghostly chills as Twin Peaks did when it premiered 20 years ago this month," the platform holder said, somewhat hopefully.

Directed by Philip Van, the Bright Falls series features actors Tom Noonan (Robocop 2! Manhunter!) and veteran TV actor Cooper Huckabee (everything from Little House on the Prairie to Baywatch) among others.

New episodes of Bright Falls will arrive weekly, with the final two pitching up on 17th May, the day before the game's North American release. Europe gets the game itself on 14th May because we're special.

Developed by Remedy Entertainment, Alan Wake is a wicked-sounding psychological thriller where you have to fend off nasty things in the dark using a torch. Check out our recent Alan Wake hands-on preview for more.

Alan Wake reviews are embargoed until 6am BST on 5th May. Check out the Bright Falls trailer below.

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