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Alan Wake 2 shows up on CV

CGI team making E3 trailer?

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LinkedIn strikes again - an artist has name-dropped Alan Wake 2 on her online CV.

The sequel has been heavily rumoured but never confirmed. The "previs artist" (pre-visualisation) claims she worked on in-game Alan Wake 2 cinematics for Halon Entertainment in April 2011.

Halon Entertainment created the Deliver Hope advert for Halo: Reach. Could Halon's Alan Wake 2 project (if real) be a CGI taster for a major upcoming game event like, say, E3 next month?

Such a game would fill a noticeable hole in Microsoft's exclusive Xbox 360 line-up.

Finnish Alan Wake developer Remedy was last spotted lauding the merits of digital distribution. Before that, Remedy vaunted its in-house motion-capture capabilities - claiming they'd outstrip what even Rockstar's Team Bondi has done with L.A. Noire.

All we've heard specifically about Alan Wake 2 is that if the project goes ahead, and Remedy would love that to be the case, the game would be exclusive to PC and Xbox 360.

Alan Wake was released a year ago on Xbox 360. Eurogamer's Ellie Gibson concluded that "Alan Wake is an accessible, undemanding game with a neat combat mechanic and decent visuals" - 7/10.

The opening section of Alan Wake.

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