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Age of Empires Online revealed

Microsoft Flight in development too.

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Microsoft has pulled back the curtain on Age of Empires Online for PC. The game, an MMO, will have free-to-play "experiences" and blend strategy with RPG.

There will be levelling and quests, plus incentives to help and team up with other people. Your capital city will exist persistently whether you're online or not, and there's an emphasis on "friendly rivalry".

Games for Windows - Live will be incorporated inherently, with nifty messaging and networking features to help keep in touch with friends.

Robot Entertainment - the studio formed from the ashes of Age of Empires creator Ensemble - will develop. The video below shows a simple, chunky and cartoony world. System requirements appear to be minimal, and the game's website claims you can "download and play from almost anywhere".

You can sign up for the beta on the Age of Empires Online website now.

Microsoft also announced a new Microsoft Flight Simulator project dubbed Microsoft Flight for PC. This will bring a "new perspective" to the 28-year-old series, apparently. There's a brief teaser video on the Microsoft Flight website. All we can glean from it is that there'll be a old-style planes to fly.

Age of Empires Online.

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