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Age of Conan expansion reveal soon

Funcom reckons we're "in for a treat".

Funcom plans to reveal a brand new Age of Conan expansion this August at GamesCom.

Director of communications Erling Elllingsen told Eurogamer he is "really looking forward" to the reveal, and that fans following the event are "in for a treat".

He wouldn't talk about expansion specifics, but explained that a "dedicated team" has been working on it for quite some time, "And they are very eager to show off what they have been working on!"

Funcom recently announced massive changes to the Age of Conan world, such as an overhaul for the underlying RPG mechanics as well as a new zone with associated heap of content.

"We are bringing a lot of that into the expansion as well," said Ellingsen of the core changes, "making sure we build upon the strengths of the game and stay true to the original vision we have always had for Age of Conan."

"I think players will be pleased!" he added.

GamesCom is the new premier consumer videogame event for Germany that takes place in Cologne from 19th to 23rd August. We'll be there.

The Leipzig Games Convention, as a result, is no more. Instead, Games Convention Online will take place from 31st July to 2nd August and focus on online and mobile games and businesses.