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Activision warns a standard 500GB PS4 may no longer fit Call of Duty: Warzone, Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare

Squeeze the trigger.

Call of Duty: Warzone's Season Two download is now live - and it's a big one.

Here are the download sizes:

  • PlayStation 5: 17GB
  • PlayStation 4: 17GB
  • Xbox One Series X / Xbox One Series S: 17.9GB
  • Xbox One: 17.9GB
  • PC: 16.9GB (Warzone Only), 20.8GB (Warzone and Modern Warfare)
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When I started the download on my PS5 this morning, I was warned over 100GB of clear space was required before I could start the 17GB update, forcing me to delete games installed on my hard-drive.

After I deleted some games, the 17GB Modern Warfare download began.

It's really annoying to have to find so much space for a 17GB download, particularly so given there's currently no way to move PS5 games off the SSD.

Storage is an issue Activision addressed overnight, warning that those who own a standard PS4 with a default hard-drive of 500GB (that's me!) may need to make room if they have the full versions of Modern Warfare, Warzone and Black Ops Cold War with all modes and packs installed.

This means that for the first time Activision is warning that all three games installed to their fullest and up to date with Season Two will not fit on a standard PS4 any more.

"Should you have both games installed and have kept up to date with updates, you may need to delete some unused game content to have a successful download and install of the Warzone patch tonight," Activision said.

You can uninstall parts of Black Ops Cold War and Modern Warfare to save space, but it's a landmark moment that shows just how big Call of Duty install footprints have become.