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Acclaimed downhill biking game Descenders gets Xbox Series S/X enhancements update

120fps! PC cross-play! More!

Developer RageSquid's extreme downhill biking game Descenders is now available on Xbox Series X/S, bringing with it a free next-gen enhancements update for all Xbox One owners that introduces a 120fps mode, PC cross-play, and more.

Descenders, if you're unfamiliar, serves up an exhilarating freeriding experience as players - either solo or competitively - race, trick, and flip their way across a procedurally generated world. It was warmly received at launch, but really made its mark - and found a significant audience - once it released on Xbox Game Pass.

Following the game's well-deserved, and continuing, success on Microsoft's subscription service, RageSquid announced it was working on a next-gen enhancements upgrade for Xbox Series X/S - and that update is now finally here.

Descenders - Xbox Series X/S trailer.Watch on YouTube

The update, which is free to existing owners and Xbox Game Pass subscribers, ups the player lobby count from four (as seen in Descenders' last-gen version) to eight, and introduces a variety of resolution and frame-rate options.

Over on Xbox Series X, players can choose between High Performance mode (running at 120fps/1080p), Performance mode (4k/60fps), and Resolution mode (4k with a variable 40-60fps). Series S owners, meanwhile, get a Performance mode (1080p/60fps) and a Resolution mode offering a variable 40-60fps at 1440p.

There's also cross-play with the PC version and various visual upgrades, including increased foliage, improved terrain and shadow quality, significantly enhanced draw distances, plus new SSAO features, motion blur, and "greatly improved" anti-aliasing.

To celebrate the arrival of Descenders on Xbox Series X/S - it's available as a physical and digital release - alongside its free enhancements update, the game is currently discounted by 25% on the Microsoft Store, meaning it'll cost £14.99 instead of the usual £19.99 for the next week.

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