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A World of Keflings DLC announced

UFO kingdom add-on coming.

Xbox Live Arcade avatar-based construction sim A World of Keflings will be expanded with a new alien-themed add-on, developer Ninjabee has announced.

A release date and pricing information for the "It Came From Out of Space" DLC is yet to be revealed.

The new content adds a fresh kingdom and cast of extra-terrestrial characters to control.

"Aliens have crash-landed in the Kefling world and you and the Keflings need to use your mad building skills to get them home," said Mike Nielsen, lead designer on the DLC.

"You'll be building giant robots, crazy alien structures, and even robotic Keflings all in the name of repairing their mother ship. There's plenty of new stuff to explore - a new kingdom, new characters, new resources, new buildings... It's pretty substantial."

Dan Whitehead dished out a 7/10 in Eurogamer's A World of Keflings review.

"Much like its 2008 predecessor, A Kingdom for Keflings, A World of Keflings is gaming comfort food," he wrote. "A thick winter warmer of a game, served with a toasted crusty roll. It is, however, virtually the same recipe we were served before."

It Came From Out of Space.