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A new Serious Sam game may release later this month

Serious(ly) Soon.

Remember that brief Serious Sam teaser that had fans thinking a new instalment - or, in the very least, new DLC - might be on the way? Turns out they were right, and a new Serious Sam is set to release later this month.

Croteam dropped a cryptic video tease just before Christmas, but at just 34 seconds long and the description "man, it's cold", we didn't have a lot to go on.

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Now, however, publisher Devolver Digital isn't teasing as much as outright announcing with a new tweet: "What if a new Serious Sam game was being announced next week and released this month?"

The trailer - which Devolver shared again, just in case they was any doubt - showed Sam Stone zipping across an ice-encrusted ocean on a small (and not very warm given the driver is in a t-shirt) boat, bouncing off a steel buoy.

"Man, it's cold," a familiar voice says, "but nothing warms me up like kicking ass." It then cut to a frigid version of the Serious Sam logo.

Keep an eye out next week for Croteam's announcement.

ICYMI, Serious Sam got a fully path-traced RT upgrade - and our friends at Digital Foundry think it's beautiful.

"The overall effect is very impressive - and the overall aim in merging realism with the game's original aesthetic pays off nicely," Alex wrote back in September.