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A glimpse at Dota 2's incredible virtual reality spectator mode

Ward's it look like?

As part of today's HTC Vive launch, Valve has offered the briefest of looks at how Dota 2 fans will benefit from SteamVR, with a new spectator mode designed specifically for virtual reality.

This mode doesn't have a release date yet, but the teaser video promises a bespoke theatre mode that positions the viewer in front of a large virtual screen, flanked by the two teams of selected heroes.

You can then, it seems, look around at each of the heroes and view their individual item builds or cooldowns, perhaps selecting one with your controller to have the game focus its attention on what they're doing in that moment.

Better yet is the minimap sitting just in front of you. I've seen some minimaps in my time, let me tell you, but this one is looking especially pretty. You can physically peer down and watch as each of the players scuttle between their lanes, or instead sit back, taking it all in and pulling up graphs that you can pretend to comprehend.

Virtual reality continues to knock my socks off.