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A couple of goldfish are playing Street Fighter 2 on Twitch


A couple of goldfish are playing Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo on Twitch.

The two fish, Aquarius and Robert the Bruce, are in a fish tank with one side divided up into nine parts that each relate to an input command, such as move right, punch and so on.

As the fish swim around the tank, the on-screen characters perform moves, round after round after round after round.

It's the work of a chap called Andrew Hill, who was inspired by the recent FishPlaysPokemon stream. At the time of publication, just shy of 50,000 people were watching the fish beat each other up in Capcom's fighting game.

Season one began on 18th August, when Aquarius dominated Robert the Bruce with a 61 - 38 win loss record. But yesterday Robert came back with a narrow 78 - 76 victory.

Who will win today?