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A closer look at Lego's new £170 Minecraft set

Ore blimey.

Lego's top-selling Minecraft range will get a big new addition in June with the arrival of an enormous £169.99 set named The Village.

It will be the largest set in the range, boasting 1600 pieces, and with three biomes acts like a hub for various other Lego Minecraft sets to join on.

The set is based around the procedurally-generated villages found in Minecraft's overworld, with a number of different villager professions and buildings included, such as a blacksmith's forge, a library, and a farm with Lego Minecraft potatoes and carrots.

Pretty much every Lego Minecraft minifigure released is included in the set - Steve, Alex, a Creeper, a zombie, a zombie villager, an Iron Golem, an Enderman, two different villagers and two pigs (one normal, one baby).

There are some nice details in the set, and it's clear the layout is designed for play - each roof opens up either with a hinge or can be quickly lifted off to see inside. The whole thing is modular, also - meaning elements can be moved around and re-arranged.

One section is notable for having been designed not on Minecraft itself but on an original idea from Lego - the trading post and stall. Lego has said this was to present the idea of villager trading from Minecraft in a more visual way. Items to trade here include an Eye of Ender, apple and cake.

Whether you have kids or are a big kid yourself, £170 is a high price - it's around £100 more than the previous largest Lego Minecraft set, a 706-piece build based around the game's dense jungle biome. You'll also only be able to buy this set direct from Lego.com.

Lego shows off The Village in even more detail below:

Cover image for YouTube videoThe Village - LEGO Minecraft - 21128 - Designer Video