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Nintendo's mysterious 3D Pokémon game is a detective adventure


Nintendo's unannounced 3D Pokémon game has been revealed as a detective adventure which stars Pikachu as your sidekick.

The as-yet untitled release is being designed for 3DS but may not see light of day until 2015, a report on Japanese TV revealed today (thanks, Serebii).

Previously-shown images suggested that Pikachu could creepily copy your facial expressions, but these were actually a demonstration of the mo-cap technology used in the game's development that will allow the character to speak.

A special-coloured blue Pikachu will also feature in the game, possibly as its antagonist.

Nintendo has yet to officially unveil the game, which has only come to light due to a Japanese TV special on Pokémon Company boss Tsunekaz Ishihar.

The report showed new screenshots that demonstrated the game's first-person viewpoint, where a player holding a magnifying glass is able to identify clues in a 3D environment.