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11 bit Studios' frozen city sim Frostpunk finally gets a release date

Let it go.

Frostpunk, the new city-building survival game by This War of Mine developer 11 bit Studios, finally has a release date. Despite having been told it would be out by the end of March, it will, in fact, be released in April - 24th April 2018.

Frostpunk will cost £23/$30 downloaded or $35 (and whatever the regional equivalent is) in a shop. But if you buy it in a box, you get an art book included.

Alongside the date announcement comes a new trailer for the game. It's CGI but gives a good idea of the level of detail in the wrought-iron ornate settlements you build, which you can see if you zoom right in - but who zooms right in? The trailer also broaches the thorny themes of the game and the kind of difficult dilemmas you'll face.

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Frostpunk is a game about doing whatever it takes to build and ensure the survival of the last city on a frozen Earth. It's set in a kind of steampunk Victorian age, and it's bloody hard - a constant battle with dwindling resources and fussy civilians who apparently don't think child labour is appropriate, nor surreptitiously mincing dead bodies into your food rations.

Frostpunk is an expansion, really, of what 11 bit Studios did to such great acclaim in This War of Mine - four years old now - which is pose you impossible questions in impossible situations. Sooner or later you'll have to do something you don't want to.

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