Chrono Trigger DS travels to 2009

US and Europe "a few weeks apart".

Europe will have to wait until "early 2009" for Chrono Trigger DS, Square Enix has told Eurogamer, but will be only "a few weeks" behind the US "holiday" launch.

Originally and fondly remembered as a SNES role-playing title - albeit not one released in PAL land - Chrono Trigger follows Crono and friends on a time-travelling adventure to change the present and events still to come. Sort of like Back to the Future, but with swords and fewer proms.

The DS revamp will make use of touch-screen controls, two screens, feature a new dungeon, and include some sort of wireless play.

"It gives me great pleasure to see Chrono Trigger being released in Europe and the PAL territories," said John Yamamoto, boss of Square Enix, who must himself be in the future if he's seen it released in Europe.

Graphically little appears to have changed, as you can see in our Chrono Trigger DS gallery. No bad thing, as Akira Toriyama's character designs were great the first time around.

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