Shadow of the Colossus - fourth colossus location and how to defeat Phaedra, the Horse Colossus

How to find and defeat the fourth colossus.

The fourth colossus in Shadow of the Colossus is one of the easiest to get to, but that doesn't mean you can't get lost in the game's slightly awkward system of getting around.

This one's a kind of horse-like creature, generally known to fans as Phaedra, or the Horse Colossus that occupies the graveyard. Below, we'll guide you through everything you need to know about the fourth colossus' location and how to defeat the Horse Colossus Phaedra, too.

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Fourth colossus location and how to find Phaedra, the Horse Colossus

The fourth colossus is located relatively nearby, to the east of the central Shrine of Worship.


Come down the steps and turn left, heading towards a rocky wall where you'll spot a passage through it.


Follow the passage and you'll soon come out the other side to a pasture, with four hills in the middle of it. Ride down there on Agro and past those hills you'll see Phaedra, the Horse Colossus itself.

It's simple enough to find - head over to it to get it to wake up, and then get ready to lead it back towards the mounds the way you came. We recommend you stay on horseback for now!


How to defeat the fourth colossus Phaedra, the Horse Colossus

The Horse Colossus is probably one of the easier ones to defeat, with a fairly simple set of steps to get it to a point of vulnerability.

First, you need to ride back to the four mounds in the field that you went through on your way to waking up Phaedra. As you may have already noticed, each of them is actually an entrance to a small underground tomb.

Each of the four entrances is connected by a short tunnel - all you need to do is bait the fourth colossus over to one of them and jump in.


It'll then peer into the hole looking for you, while you run out the other end and, if you're quick, grab onto it's now lowered tail to climb up on its back.

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From there, you need to head to the front of the Horse Colossus and, as you'll expect by now, launch a few blows into the back of its head.


Then, work your way back down along its spine towards its tail again for the second sigil.

A few more stabs to that, and the rather majestic creature will fall like all the others.

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The usual scenes follow - you're teleported back to the Shrine, the idol will crumble, and your beloved will be no better off for all your colossus-slaying so far. On to the next!


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