Shadow of the Colossus - thirteenth colossus location and how to defeat Phalanx, the Flying Snake Colossus

How to find and defeat the thirteenth colossus.

The thirteenth colossus in Shadow of the Colossus is known to fans as Phalanx, or the Flying Snake Colossus that roams the skies above the world's great desert.

It's one of the most well-known battles in the game, thanks to some frankly epic horseback stunts that are involved and the sheer size of the beast that peacefully floats through the air.

Here on this page we'll give you all the details on the thirteenth colossus' location, as well as how to defeat Phalanx, the Flying Snake Colossus once you've reached it.

Thirteenth colossus location and how to find Phalanx, the Flying Snake Colossus

Phalanx, the thirteenth colossus is located to the south-west of the central Shrine of Worship, in the area known as the Great Desert.


Head south-east from the Shrine then, towards the thin spiky pillars on the horizon. You're going the same way through the forest here as you have done before.


Come out of the forest to the right then, go over that natural bridge and through the short tunnel on the other side, and you'll come out in the desert.


Now, you need to head more south-easterly in direction, until you find a natural arch and a crumbling ruin just past it. When you reach that ruin, Phalanx will appear.


How to defeat the thirteenth colossus Phalanx, the Flying Snake Colossus

Funnily enough, Phalanx will burst out of the sand the first time you encounter it - so it can burrow as well as fly.

You'll notice it has three clusters of huge, inflated sacks on its underside. You can probably guess the task at hand - you need to shoot each of the clusters once with an arrow, deflating them in the process.


The best way to do it is on horseback - or standing up on horseback, for no real reason other than looking awesome - as Phalanx flies at quite a pace by virtue of its sheer size. Try to be quick about it, because they do reinflate after a period of time.


When all three are burst, the huge Flying Snake Colossus will swoop down closer to the ground, and its front four wings will bend down to the desert floor like huge ramps just begging to be jumped on.

Time to jump on them then! Ride Agro up to them - we strongly recommend you ride parallel to Phalanx, heading in the same direction, as if you run towards them or perpendicular to the giant snake you'll find the jump very hard to land.


Lead off Agro and hold down R2 and you should grip onto its wings. The front ones, nearer the head, we found were considerably easier to climb than the ones just a bit further back. Be patient as you go, as they flap up and down and twist forward and back as you go.

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Eventually, after some well-timed jumps up the wings, you'll reach its furry back. There are three sigils of vulnerability, each underneath a kind of fin that will lower and cover them up after a period of time.


If you were really fast getting up, you can actually do all three in one go, but it's tough. Two is a safe bet though, before the flap closes down and Phalanx dives into the sand to get you off its back.


Repeat the process of shooting the sacks, climbing the front wing and heading to the exposed sigils, and it'll go down soon enough.

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Phalanx is a friendly giant - it never actually attacks you - but as you're waking up back in the Shrine of Worship its idol will crumble like any other, with your thirteenth colossus defeated.


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