Thief (2014) - Lockdown, safe code, Jeweler's Shop, Lyegrove's Letter, Jeweled Mask

From sneaking into the Jeweler's Shop to unlocking a safe stuffed with treasure, our essential Thief walkthrough contains all the help you need.

Your first real job in Thief is to sneak your way into a Jeweler's Shop to retrieve a precious mask. Unfortunately for you, that's not really high on the shop owner's agenda, so you'll have to sneak your way in somehow, eliminate anyone standing in the way of you and your treasure, and get out of there alive. As well as walking you right through the first chapter, we'll also help you pick up plenty of bonus loot along the way.

Head to the Clock Tower

It may seem as though you're just one errant step away from failure in this area, but The Watch you can hear can't actually reach you, so just take things nice and slowly. Make sure you use your Focus ability to highlight important sections of a stage if you can't spot what you need to find, and those cabinets aren't just for hiding in - they also let you save your game. Assuming you're ready to move on, use the Claw you just pinched to get access to the ladder on the northern wall, then head on up.

Up ahead there's another wall that you'll need to climb up, before dropping down onto a roof that's a little lower. Keep an eye out for the pair of guards who are patrolling the streets as you travel. Fall down one more level to the south, and simply wait for one of the guards to come shambling past you. Stay behind him, sneak up, knock him out and steal his stuff. Simple.

Now make your way towards the house that's at the northern part of the street, then head right. Once the guard has turned his back on you, knock him out, and take anything he might have about him. If you scope out the south-western section of this area, you should be able to grab the Serendi Stone Circles (1/7) - Amethyst Circle collectible.

With that out of the way, it's time to head eastwards down the road, before turning north and sneaking down an alley. Once you've clambered over the clutter here, you'll see a man looking over a corpse. You can either pick his pocket silently, or knock him out if you're feeling feisty. Before you move on over the wall to the north, make sure you pick up all of the Broadhead Arrows lying on the table. Now jump down, grab any nearby loot and pick the locked gate to gain access to Stonecutter's Court.

Find a Way into the Jeweler's Shop

You've got a few choices when it comes to accessing this shop. You could go right on through the front door, but you'll have to deal with a guard who's patrolling on the other side of it. Ignore that possibility, and instead drop down, turn around, and make your way into the eastern alley.

There's some loot to be grabbed here, and you should definitely pick up the Broadhead Arrows that are lying on top of the crate. Now you've got two choices. You can either cross the road at ground level, picking up some juicy loot along the way, or you can make your way back to the south of the alley and use a sneaky tunnel instead.

Loot's always nice, but we prefer the safety of the tunnel, which should bring you out just behind the shop. Use your lock-pick to open up the cellar door, slip inside, and remain quiet as you explore so you don't alert the owner of the store.


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Steal the Jeweled Mask

Ready for a real job? First of all you're going to have to take out the Jeweler, so quietly get into position behind him and knock him out. Make sure you steal absolutely everything you can get your hands on, including one very important item called Lyegrove's Letter. You can find it on the desk.

One of the paintings found in each corner of the room conceals a safe. Once you've located the correct one, approach it and feel your way towards the trigger. Once activated, you'll find yourself facing a lock that can't be picked. Fortunately, the letter you looted just a moment ago rather handily contains the code you need. Once you've opened up the safe, take the special collectible item: Unique Loot (2/9) - Lyegrove's Jeweled Mask.

Exit by the Upstairs Window

You can grab two more collectible items from the main part of the shop before moving on. First of all, go upstairs very quietly and then head to the left. There's a solitary guard patrolling nearby, so just wait until he heads towards the south, then quietly rush up behind him and take him down. The Jeweled Mask is located nearby, but there's also plenty of other fantastic loot to be had too - search every cupboard, drawer and surface to really clean up in this chapter.

"Search every cupboard, drawer and surface to really clean up in this chapter."

With your pockets stuffed, go to the north-west room where a guard is having a quiet kip. It's better to be safe than sorry, so just to make absolutely sure he can't cause you any trouble later on, put him into a really deep sleep. Just behind him is a safe. Pick the lock and grab another collectible: The Mortal Coils (1/6) - Sootback Bracelet.

Once you've picked up this item, you're actually done with all the collectibles available in the first chapter. Make your way upstairs when you've got everything you need, then knock out the sleeping guard.

It's just you versus the Jeweler's wife now. Sneak up behind her, knock her out, and then grab every bit of remaining loot before disappearing into the night - there's an open window to the north of your current location.

Continue to the Clock Tower

When you've left the building via the window, pick up the newspaper. Now sidle quietly down the road until you come to a window that you can jimmy open. Climb through it, then make your way through the house until you exit into an alley.

There are two guards to contend with here, but if you get down on your haunches and move very quietly, you can actually make it past them without arousing their suspicion. There's an alley nearby. When the guard starts heading down it, follow quietly behind and use the shadows to stay out of sight.

Eventually, a woman will shout out of a window. When the guards start moving again, follow them, but climb up the pipe as soon as you're able to. Now keep heading forwards until you reach your final objective. Congratulations! You've reached the end of the first chapter, and bagged yourself the Lockdown achievement or trophy to boot!

You can find the rest of our Thief guide from the first page of this walkthrough.

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