Thief (2014) - Prologue, unique loot, Glittering Plumage, Voyeur's Diary

Thief's prologue is a relatively simple affair, but you could easily miss the single collectible item. Use our guide to grab it.

Before the main part of Garrett's story begins, you'll have to work your way through a prologue section that introduces you to some of the basic stealth and combat mechanics. Some of the tricks you learn here will serve you well throughout your time with Thief, so make sure you're comfortable with each one of them before starting the main campaign.

Reach the Drop Location

As soon as you find yourself able to take control of Garrett, loot everything you can see in the room, but don't worry about the drunkard lying down nearby - he can't be roused no matter how much noise you make! With that said, now's an excellent time to practise one of your essential sneaky skills, so go to to all the candles and snuff them out one by one to create a little more shadow for you to skulk around in. Once you've grabbed every last bit of loot in the room, make your way over to the window and climb through it.

Make your way over the beam and towards the window. Go through the window to access the attic, but make sure you remain crouched when you get inside. The nearby birds will make a racket and alert people to your presence if you make anything close to audible noise. Sneak very carefully through the curtains, and then approach the painting opposite while avoiding the nearby cages.

Once you've found the switch, interact with it to expose the hidden safe. Once you've picked the safe's lock, pick up your first bit of Unique Loot called The Glittering Plumage. Now leave the attic using the window that's to your left, and move ahead towards the right-hand side.

Grab the Rope Arrow from the box nearby and aim it at the beam that's just above you. Now use that rope to climb up and get onto the nearby platform so you can rendezvous with Erin. Once you've finished your meeting, keep trailing Erin until the chase is ended by a slide down the roof.

Remain Silent and Out of Sight

Once Erin's climbed up the wall and taken flight, you'll need to cross the road. Before you do so, make sure you get your hands on all of the loot nearby. See those two pedestrians standing by the cart? You can get a piece of loot from here, another one from the top of the barrel by the ladder, while the third and final item is near the fence.

With every item looted, make your way up the ladder and keep following Erin - you'll need to veer right and head over a beam at one point. Keep trailing Erin through the window, but make sure you pause here to pick up any loot lying around. There's plenty to be found in the drawers and cabinets spread all around this room.

With your pockets suitably stuffed, you'll need to pick the lock to gain access to the bedroom. Once you've done so, make sure you grab all the goods you fancy pinching, including the Voyeur's Diary on top of the desk. This last item represents the one and only collectible document you can find in this prologue section. Now gingerly make your way out through the window.

Take the beam that's just to your left, then open up the window opposite you. There's more loot to get your grubby little mitts on here, but make sure you also check out the loose brick in the wall. Interact with this and you'll access a secret area stuffed full of even more valuables.


Stick to the shadows while scoping the lay of the land.

Move Through The Gardens

Get down on your haunches and continue following Erin, but keep your eyes peeled for a wine glass that's lying on the ground nearby. A whistling guard makes for a perfect pickpocketing opportunity, so get up close and grab what he's got.

Make your way through the door, leaping over the railing as you go, then wade through the water towards your goal. Just make sure you move as quietly as possible every step of the way. To your east, you can grab a Water Arrow from a nearby container, which you should then use to put out the flame that's on the eastern wall. Keep very quietly making your way north, and stick to the shadows wherever possible. Pick up the ashtray when the opportunity presents itself, then head softly up the stairs.

Up ahead, you'll see Erin knock out the guard. You'll have to take out the second one, but do yourself a favour and tuck the body away somewhere nice and dark - just in case. Use your lock-picking skills on the door and move on through it.

Meet Erin On The Roof

You've got two choices when it comes to dealing with this guard. Either you can take the sneaky, smack-on-the-head approach, or just throw a discarded bottle in his general direction and sneak by him unnoticed. Just make sure you grab the loot that's close by as you make your way past him.

Now get up on top of the crate so you can access the beam. Keep walking along it, then make your way up the scaffolding. Jump up to cling onto the rope, then climb up it to initiate another meeting with Erin.

Steal Erin's Claw

The final section of Thief's Prologue is very easy and very quick to complete. All you need to do is keep moving forward until Erin comes to a halt, then steal the Claw. Once you've grabbed it, you'll not only finish up Prologue: The Drop, you'll also get an achievement or trophy to mark this momentous occasion.

Stuck somewhere else in the game? You can find the rest of our Thief walkthough from the first page of this guide.

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