Thief (2014) - Dust to Dust, painting puzzle, client loot, collectible items

Our guide to Thief's second chapter won't just walk you through the story, we'll also make sure you grab every collectible item along the way.

However tempted you may be to get stuck straight into the next part of Thief's story, we actually recommend spending a little bit of time acclimatising yourself with The City. There are lots of different districts to investigate, each one of which is stuffed with businesses and houses just waiting to be looted.

Taking part in a little light thievery will reward you with gold, which can then be used to improve your Focus abilities, or upgrade your weapons and tools. When you're ready to continue the story, talk to Basso at The Crippled Burrick to collect your mission, then find the Shady Merchant located just outside the pub. As well as picking up the handy wrench tool, you should also take this opportunity to stock up on any arrows you're lacking.

Find a Way into the Foundry

Jump towards the rope and make your way down to ground level. Now head underneath the bridge, using the wrench tool you were given by the Shady Merchant on the vent. Make your way through it until you come out in the Dust Yard.

Grab the poppy from the floor and then make your way up the crane that's located in the centre of the yard. Leap over to the eastern roof, then make your way north and slide down the nearby ladder. There's a shed here containing Memories of the Dead (1/6) - Charity's Memory. Once you've looted this item, use your Focus ability to find all the rest of the lovely loot littered around the place, then head back outside.

Use the pipe up ahead of you to get up to the next level, then move forward until you find a vent. Follow this until you reach your objective, then use your aerial attack to finish off the guard below.

Discover Where the Bodies are Taken

Jump from the window so you can get onto the beam. Now jump again onto the walkway to the north, then make your way towards the east. When you come across a guard, sneak carefully up behind him and knock him unconscious. Loot him, then keep heading east, picking up any other goodies carelessly left lying around.

Eventually you'll come across an assembly line that you can ride by hooking onto it, but don't get too complacent as you whizz your way down. There's a guard wielding a crossbow nearby - make sure you take him down from above to finish off the objective.

Move Through the Old Manufacturing Area

The layout of this area is a little confusing, but it's mercifully stuffed full of loot, so at least you'll get some reward for your extensive exploration. Just watch out for any broken glass, otherwise you run the risk of giving the game away.

In particular, you want to make sure you get your hands on the Blunt Arrows located in a box in the south-western hallway. Once you've grabbed them, head around the corner quietly so you don't disturb any nearby guards, and find the anchor beam above your head. Use a Fire Arrow, climb up it, and then head across the walkway to find Flowers Eternal (2/6) - Daisy Brooch. Leap back down to ground level as soon as you've bagged it.

"Watch out for broken glass, otherwise you run the risk of giving the game away."

Carry on making your way through the door to the north, silently taking out any guards that get in your way. Wait for any duos to split up and patrol in solitude before taking anyone out. Once you've finished off the opposition, go to the northern stairs and make your way up them. As soon as the solitary patrolling guard turns his back on you, get up behind him quickly and knock him out.

Don't be too quick to move on from this area - to your east you should be able to see a barricaded door. Take a peek through the peep-hole, and you'll spy a secret room that's stuffed full of loot.

To get to that room you're going to have to make your way up the northern set of stairs, then vault over the banister to find a space you can crawl through. Use it to access the room, then steal everything you can. Use the combination 3-1-4 on the safe, and you'll get another piece of collectible loot: Unique Loot (3/9) - Soul of the Automaton.

Once you've looted everything at ground level, make your way up to the walkway above you, and pick up any other valuables lying around. Now slide through the hole below, and keep moving towards the east until you encounter a guard who's sleeping on the job. Rather than risk startling him later on, knock him out cleanly now, then take the note from the wall to finish up your current objective.

Find a Way to Bypass the Security Door

You're going to need to get your hands on a key if you want to open up the door next to the sleeping guard. Make sure you loot every possible container in the room, including the chest by the guard. You'll have to pick at it to get at the contents, but inside you'll find the key you need. Use it to the open door, and then move on to your next task.

Hook Back on to the Assembly Line

Now would be a great time to save your game, so pick up any loot you can, then use the cabinet nearby. Head to the balcony and use the assembly line to slide your way down. Just like earlier, be ready to drop deftly down onto the guard so you can take him out without causing a scene.


Take advantage of high vantage points to plan your next move.

Find the Body of Cornelius

There's very little you need to do to actually complete this objective. Just keep heading forward until a cut-scene starring the Thief-Taker General begins. Once it's over and you're back in charge of Garrett, you'll automatically complete your objective.

Steal the Ring from the General

Walk towards your objective marker, then climb up when you can and take the note from the wall. If you keep heading stealthily to the north, you'll eventually find a door that leads to another collectible item: Serendi Stone Circles (2/7) - Diamond Circle.

Once you've looted it, head back to where you picked up the note, and get ready to deal with a pack of guards. Get right up behind the one that's closest to you and take him out - for some strange reason, this won't actually result in you getting spotted by the rest. Make your way along the northern wall, ignoring the other guards, then make your way up the stairs. Take a peek through the keyhole ahead of you to finish things up.

Find Another Way into the Office

This objective won't take long to complete at all. Simply back up a little and then make your way along the southern wall of the furnace room. Watch out for the guard who's leaning up against the pillar. Now use the vent to drop down into the office below.

Open the General's Strongbox

"You'll have to solve a puzzle to open [the strongbox] up, and the clue lies in one of the paintings hanging on the walls of this room."

First things first, make sure you steal everything that isn't nailed down in this room. Now go over to the strongbox. You'll have to solve a puzzle to open it up, and the clue lies in one of the paintings hanging on the walls of this room. You need to recreate the image of one of these paintings - to give you a nudge in the right direction, the centre of the image should feature a circle.

Once you've managed to open the chest, take the essential item: Client Loot (3/8) - Cornelius's Ring. (To get your hands on the second piece of loot in this collection - The Mechanical Hand - you'll need to complete the Client Job - Hand Tailored.)

Escape the Foundry

It's probably best to make a hasty retreat with your ill-gotten gains about now. Go through the door as quietly as possible so you don't disturb the pair of guards hanging around outside. If you're struggling to make it past them undetected, start again and wait for them to split up - it should be pretty easy work to take them out separately.

There's another pair of guards up ahead through the gate. This time around, you can either quietly sneak past them, or just simply sprint over to the wall. Once you've leapt over the wall, head towards the south and climb up the pipe on the wall to your right.

Use the window to the south to leave the building. You've now got a choice to make, as you can either eliminate every guard from your elevated position of safety, or just come crashing down through the roof. Once the guards have been dealt with, keep making your way towards your mission objective, pass through the narrow crawl space, and then finish the chapter by going through the window.

Once you've finished this final objective in Chapter 2, you'll be granted the Dust to Dust achievement or trophy, depending on your console platform.

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