Mortal Kombat Skarlet DLC revealed

Out "in the next few weeks".

Mysterious red ninja Skarlet will be sold as downloadable content for Mortal Kombat "in the next few weeks", NetherRealm has announced.

The launch of the DLC coincides with a patch designed to implement balance changes, Mortal Kombat boss Ed Boon told G4TV.

Boon also promised "some free stuff" with the Skarlet DLC.

So, who is Skarlet?

She was a character rumoured to be in Mortal Kombat II, apparently a red palette swap with fellow ninja Kitana. It is not known whether she was the result of a glitch or nothing more than a myth.

That didn't stop the Mortal Kombat community from christening her Skarlet, however. Now, a decade later, she's the real deal.

Using a new, in-house technology, NetherRealm is able to implement small balance changes dynamically without players having to download a patch.

The studio can make special moves more or less powerful and even combat infinite combos without players having to download a patch.

Boon said the developer will post patch notes on its official website so players can see exactly what's been adjusted.

"There's some stuff people already know is going to be addressed, but we do want to have an official place for people to look at to see what the difference is at the very least," he said.

7/10 was the verdict of Eurogamer's Mortal Kombat review. It was the best-selling game in the US for the month of April, shifting just shy of 900,000 units.

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