EA: Medal of Honor a "clear success"

You can expect a sequel.

Despite middling review scores and analyst scepticism, Medal of Honor has been an unmitigated success story for EA, CEO John Riccitiello has insisted.

Speaking at an investor call earlier today, he said, "The game has exceeded our plan and expectations sell-through and sell-in.

"It is an absolutely clear success on a business front. Consumer feedback has been strong, suggesting we've got a franchise now that we can successfully sequel in the future. I think it's the first step for this franchise back into the marketplace."

Yes, sequel is a verb now.

Riccitiello revealed that the FPS franchise reboot has now sold two million copies worldwide.

The game launched on PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 last month. Eurogamer wasn't among the naysayers we deemed it worthy of a very respectable 8/10.

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