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Zorro for Wii

Fast, fun, and small.

Sticking up for the people this Christmas is none other than debonair rogue Zorro, who will be starring in his very own Wii game, The Destiny of Zorro.

Announced on the Zorro Productions website, the title will be developed by Pronto Games of Dungeons & Dragons: The Eye of the Beholder (GBA), and National Treasure Puzzle Quest (Mobile), er, fame.

The focus of the game is to be "instantly engaging"; easy to understand, but with challenges for both casual and hardcore gamers.

"Pronto's game development strategy holds a core belief that video games should be small, fast and fun (SmaFF)," the website adds.

There's no inclination of exactly what type of gameplay to expect, but we hope it isn't another mini-game adventure. Sigh.