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Wii Zorro to leave mark on GDC

Details on Wiimote actions, shots.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Pronto Games' Destiny of Zorro title for Wii is due out later this year, with publisher 505 Games telling Eurogamer today that "all the gameplay stuff will be announced at GDC" at the start of March.

What we do know about the game Zorro Productions hinted at a couple of weeks ago is how it will look, and how it will take advantage of the Wii controller. According to a spokesperson, who admitted certain details still had to be nailed down, it's "a traditional third-person action game, with cut-to sections where you use the Wii remote to execute certain moves". These will include whipping, slicing and of course the famous Z slash.

The game forms part of a big push by Zorro Productions, with a new film and even a musical in store (and yes, it is a shame we don't get to cover the latter), and we're promised a story that builds on other aspects of the Zorro legend, as players confront Calavera and his troops.

Look forward to more on it in a couple of weeks.

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