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Zoo Hospital set for DS

Being patched up for this year.

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Image credit: Eurogamer

Torus Games and Majesco are stitching Zoo Hospital together for Nintendo, the latter announced this week.

The game is down for release in "late 2007", a spokesperson told Eurogamer.

In Zoo Hospital, you'll use the stylus to administer injections, apply ointment, bandage limbs, pull teeth, perform x-rays and so on.

Initially there'll be 10 species including jaguar, zebra and chimp to get stuck into (or get things stuck into pulled out of), with more than 40 species of birds, mammals and reptiles to diagnose and treat overall.

We're also told there's a co-operative mode in there.

Sounds bizarre, but goes oddly well with Majesco's other recent DS announcement, Fish Tycoon. No doubt Pet Rescue and Rolf Harris' Pro Veterinarian won't be far behind.

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