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Zeno Clash dev announces The Deadly Tower of Monsters

B-movie inspired romp due this autumn on PS4 and PC.

ACE Team - the developer behind Zeno Clash, Rock of Ages and Abyss Odyssey - has revealed its latest game, a B-movie inspired romp called The Deadly Tower of Monsters.

Go ape!

Steeped in the culture of 50s sci-fi pulp, The Deadly Tower of Monsters will contain: lizard-men, UFOs, nuclear ants, dinosaurs, robot monkeys and more. Furthermore, its cast includes folks with names like Dick Starspeed, Scarlet Nova and The Robot. I can almost smell the popcorn just typing that.

The story involves a marooned couple of astronauts, and their robot, having to ascend the titular Deadly Tower of Monsters which holds their only means of escape.

Amusingly, the game is set within a film and the movie's director, Dan Smith, will offer commentary on the moving picture show as you play it.

From the trailer below, it appears to be a primarily isometric action affair, though it looks like there's some side-scrolling stuff as well. Do check out its cosmic colours and tinsel town terrors.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is due this autumn on PS4 and PC.

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