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Zelda: Link's Awakening - Bird Key location, Signpost Maze solution and Mountain Tower location

How to find the seventh dungeon's key and where to find the front door with the help of a newly feathered friend.

Finding the Bird Key is needed in order to access Zelda: Link's Awakening's seventh dungeon, Eagle's Tower.

Straight after you complete the Face Shrine you have to make your way to the Signpost Maze, and after that, find the Mountain Tower location, where the dungeon awaits.

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If you're looking for more assistance, our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough can help.

Where to get started with the Bird Key location in Zelda: Link's Awakening

After you complete the Face Shrine, you'll be visited by the Owl and told to go to the mountain tower.

To reach the next dungeon, Eagle's Tower, you essentially need to explore the east side of the Tal Tal Mountain Range.

This is where you'll find both the Bird Key and the location of the seventh dungeon, but before you can access the Bird Key, you must have a new companion join you.

Zelda: Link's Awakening Signpost Maze location and solution

To recruit your next companion, you need to head to the south-west of Ukuku Prairie. Head to that fast travel point, go west, then south before you reach the village. With the hookshot, you can now access the Signpost Maze.

Exploring the Signpost Maze is pretty simple - you have to follow the directions of each signpost, as it directs you from one to the next. The trick to follow is you need to draw a line of where the signposts are, not where you are, which is particularly important when going from left to right.

Similarly, you have to be careful when there are obstacles in the way - the ones in the south-west with the crates, and the tree in the water in the other half, have to be walked around in various moments, so make sure you follow their positions strictly.

Otherwise, this video walkthrough can help:

And, in case you were wondering, if you get it wrong you're told by the sign to 'try again from the start', so no cheating!

When successful, a staircase will be created, allowing you to go down to a cavern to meet Mamu. For a number of Rupees, you'll be taught a new Ocarina song - the Frog's Song of Soul, which can reawaken dead things.

What to do with this song? Head to Mabe Village, and now you have the Powerful Bracelet, you can move the statue to reveal a hidden cavern.

Inside you'll want to play the Frog's Song of Soul at the skeletal remains, giving you a new companion - the rooster.

Now you have what you need to reach the Bird Key.

Bird Key location

With the rooster at your side, retrace the steps you took before to get above the fourth dungeon, Angler's Tunnel.

Go east a little further and up the first ladder you'll find. Go west and into the first cave entrance.

Inside is a room filed with rocks. You need to move the upper left set out off the edges until you can leap across to the upper right.

In the next room is a bend above an abyss. Grab hold of the rooster and use it to fly round the corner, taking you to the Bird Key location.

Our Zelda: Link's Awakening walkthrough and guide can help you with the critical path, including the Eagle's Tower and Turtle Rock dungeons. There's plenty to be done on the side, too - including Zelda Link's Awakening Heart Pieces, Zelda Secret Seashells and the Zelda Link's Awakening trading sequence. Finally, there's also the new Zelda Chamber Dungeons feature to unlock and complete.

How to get to the Mountain Tower location

Now head back down the ladder you used to get to this cave, and continue going east. The route there is pretty straightforward, and eventually you'll come to the edge of the map.

Make sure you dig at the glowing spot to get a new warp point, and then proceed up to the seventh dungeon location - Eagle's Tower.

Unlock it using the Bird Key and head on in.

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