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You can unlock a new Xbox dynamic background for £65

Stormcloud Vapor controller included.

An image of the Xbox Stormcloud Vapor Special Edition Controller.
Image credit: Microsoft

Microsoft is offering a snazzy dynamic dashboard background to Xbox owners who pick up the new Stormcloud Vapor controller.

The purple-ish pad costs £65 ($70) and launches in the UK, US and other countries next week, on Tuesday 8th August.

Unlocking the accompanying Stormcloud Vapor dynamic dashboard background is as simple as connecting your controller to the Xbox. So, presumably, you can buy one and pass it around your friends if they fancy nabbing the background for themselves.

Here's a look at the new Xbox Series X/S, One Home dashboard.Watch on YouTube

As with all Xbox controllers, the pad offers approximately 40 hours of battery life and uses Bluetooth and wireless technology to communicate with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC, plus iOS and Android devices.

Microsoft says each controller will appear differently, presumably due to the swirling paint effect being applied individually on each pad.

A blog post also describes the colour as "dark navy" - am I the only one seeing purple?

Anyway, if you're in the market for a new controller - or dynamic background - this is yet another option available. Will you be using it to smarten up the Xbox's shiny new dashboard update?

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