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Yes! A Battle of the Bulge sequel this year!

Drive on Moscow, or protect it.

Shenandoah's only gone and announced a sequel to Battle of the Bulge, called Drive on Moscow.

Due this autumn on iPad, Drive on Moscow recreates the Axis attacks on Moscow in the autumn of 1941. One side plays as the Axis forces (chiefly Germany), the other as the Soviets trying desperately to defend their land.

There are different weather conditions, Soviet defensive fortifications, new units, a bigger map than Battle of the Bulge, improved Game Center features and other bits and bobs, apparently.

Best of all, though, it looks just like Battle of the Bulge, which was an Advance Wars-like triumph earlier this year.

Incidentally, Shenandoah is still working on El Alamein and is still planning at 2013 release.

Drive on Moscow.

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