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XIII remake arrives this November

Unlucky for some.

The remake of cel-shaded cult classic XIII will finally arrive for PC, PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One on 10th November.

That's according to promotional material for the game's limited physical edition (thanks, Gematsu), which will include a few extra collector bits and bobs. It was first announced for launch November last year, before all went quiet.

Originally released by Ubisoft in 2003 for the GameCube, PC, PS2 and Xbox, XIII was underappreciated upon release. With marketing focusing on it as a shooter first and foremost rather than a story-led experience, reception was mixed and poor sales ended plans for a sequel to resolve the game's cliffhanger ending.

The game is a fairly straight retelling of the engrossing XIII graphic novel series, in which an amnesiac man (here voiced by David Duchovny) slowly uncovers the truth behind a plot against the president, and a conspiracy of powerful figures across the US.

Story scenes frequently take place within various moving panels, reminiscent of a cel-shaded 24, with stylish close-ups and word bubbles.

Oh and there's a multiplayer so you can shoot your friends, which was fine.

Anyway, the story's good. One to keep an eye on if you never got a chance to play the original back in the day.

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