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Xbox Series controller details, including Share button and hybrid d-pad explained

Everything we know about the controller coming with Xbox Series X and Series S.

The Xbox Series controller is more evolution than revolution - and comes with several fan-requested changes and additions.

This includes a Share button and a revamped d-pad - as well as some other more subtle tweaks which might make it worth upgrading.

The controller will come with both Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S - and will match their respective black and white console control schemes.

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We know several other things about Microsoft's new system - including Xbox Series X specs, the Xbox Series X console design and confirmed Xbox Series X games.

A look at the new Xbox controller launching with the Series X and S.

What is new with the Xbox Series Controller?

The Xbox Series controller is similar to the one introduced with the Xbox One, offering the same buttons and core features, but with a few new changes including:

  • A dedicated Share button, which is placed in the middle of the Xbox Series controller, between the two thumb sticks. The idea of a Share button isn't new - both the PS4 and Switch has them - and makes it even easier to share images and recorded video on the new system.
  • Why a Share button? "We're not the first ones to do [this], so we're not going to say that we invented that," Phil Spencer told GameSpot, "but we've heard feedback that sharing is such a part of a gaming experience now for many of our players. I wanted a dedicated button to share, so you'll see that."
  • A hybrid d-pad - inspired by the one seen on the Xbox Elite Controller Series 2.
  • A slightly altered form factor, with a new size and shape which has been "refined to accommodate an even wider range of people", according to Microsoft. This will include newly textured shoulder buttons.
  • The Xbox console will use Dynamic Latency Input, which will reduce the usual 8ms latency on analogue controllers by, as Digital Foundry expert Rich Leadbetter explains in his analysis of the Xbox Series X specs, "transmitting the most up to date inputs just before the game needs them."
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What else has - and hasn't - changed with the Xbox Series Controller?

Aside from those headline changes, not much is new with the Xbox Series X Controller - keeping key features from Xbox One, such as rumble-enabled triggers.

"We think we have a good controller in the market today, so we didn't really feel like we needed to go back to square one to build [a new controller]," Spencer explained to GameSpot.

The benefit of this is it's compatible with other systems - allowing you to use the Xbox Series X controller with a PC, and even the original Xbox One.

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Which other controllers are supported with Xbox Series consoles?

As well as the Xbox Series X and S controller being supported on Xbox One, Xbox One X and PC, the reverse is true as well - with original Xbox One peripherals working with Xbox Series X, thanks to the drive to offer extensive Xbox backwards compatibility.

This includes controllers - including the line of Xbox Elite Controllers - which will be fully supported on the system.

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If you want to know more about Microsoft's new system, we have details on Xbox Series X specs, the Xbox Series X console design and confirmed Xbox Series X games.

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